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How Using Mercedes Scanner Can Keep Your Vehicle Run Smoothly

When you can spend a lot of money on buying a luxurious vehicle, it becomes important to diagnose it properly as well using a suitable tool. Mercedes scanner just does that for Mercedes vehicles and determines any flaws happening in it. The best part about this tool is that you can check out the condition of your car whenever and wherever necessary. To make the right move, it is possible to get the best thing done and make the best selection.


Here are some points that you should keep in your mind to get the best Mercedes scanner:

  • Buy the scanner from an authentic dealer. The verified person will ensure that you get the most desirable tool to use it effectively. This will ensure that you get the most suitable tool and use it optimally to get the desired outcome.
  • Analyzing the condition of your vehicle can determine whether it works well for you or not. Make sure to use the right diagnostic tool and at the right place. Whenever you come across any adverse situation, ensure that you figure out the weakness in your car and correct them with the help of any mechanic. You can drive your car smoothly only when it is in good condition.
  • The scanner that you are planning to buy should be capable enough to get the latest software updates. This is essential to get rid of technical bugs and use the tool optimally.
  • Connect to the diagnostic tool the laptop to see the condition of your vehicle. This will give you detailed information about the vehicle so that you can use it as per your ease.

Timely Diagnose Your Car

The timely diagnostic and relevant solution can help you determine whether you are able to drive your car properly or not. This is the major concern that you should always keep in your mind and get the most suitable result. Analyzing and then taking appropriate actions to correct the problems can increase the life of your vehicle. It is also important to know how to use the Mercedes diagnostic tool. After buying it, you can read the manual or get in touch with scanner provider to know how it’ll work for you.

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Top 7 Reasons To Buy BMW Scanner For Your Automobile engines

We must be thankful for the latest technologies to make everything so easy. The vehicles are more reliable now in comparison to the past time due to the improvements in styles, designs, material, and manufacturing techniques.  With the production of the BMW Scanner, it has become easy to do the health check-up of the cars. These scanners are specially produced for knowing the conditions of the automobile engines.

There are various benefits of purchasing such scanners which are listed below one by one:


  • Accessible working condition:

The BMW Scanner can be used for accessing the working condition of the car. For example, a person is travelling for a long distance then he or she may face the car breakage in the mid. The journey will be safer if he uses such a scanner between some equal intervals. Sometimes, the negative symptoms of breakage or damage cannot be seen but can be analyzed with such a tool.

  • User-friendly:

BMW Scanner is user-friendly. Anyone can use it without any hassles as there is no need for specialisation to use such a tool. One just need to connect this tool with the vehicle and it starts working.

  • Smart technology:

This tool is made up on the basis of smart technology. It is very convenient to use and can be taken everywhere without any extra efforts.

  • OBD system:

The On-board diagnostic system continuously checks that the engine is running properly or not. It clearly informs any problems in the car if happen.

  • Self-diagnosing:

BMW Scanner does self-diagnosing of cars’ engines. The smart technology helps such scanners in checking themselves the condition of the car’s engine.

  • Identify malfunction:

As the scanner diagnoses the engine itself, it identifies if there is any malfunction. The owner can stay updated about the sudden problems in the engine and can correct it with the help of any vehicle-repairing services.

  • Pc controlled systems:

There are various companies, which are manufacturing BMW scanner with the pc controlled systems to provide all necessary information in the detailed form. Using such scanners is beneficial to get the information in details.

There are many other benefits of using these scanners like these are helpful in the longevity of the car. One may think at the beginning that it a waste of money. When you will come to know how these scanners have saved you from major accidents or heavy losses.


Why OEM Car Parts Should Be Used for Repairing?

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When you need to repair your car, where do you go? Authorized service center or an independent repair shop? Well, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example: if you have a BMW and you bought BMW Scanner from the OEM, it will ensure the quality as well as safety. Likewise, if you have a Mercedes Benz but you bought a Mercedes Benz Scanner from an independent shop, you might end up buying a bad product.

So, to help you with this, this article lists the pros. and cons. of OEM car parts. Keep on reading.

OEM Car Parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. As the name suggests, OEM parts are made by the original vehicle manufacturer. Here are the pros. and cons.


1. Easy to Find: At the authorized service center, you can find whatever part/products you need. For example, if you want the BMW ICOM Next Scanner, you can get there. As it is made by the original manufacturer, you don’t need to worry about the price as it is going to be the same at any authorized service center. Plus, unlike aftermarket parts, you don’t need to compare with several brands.

2. Optimum Quality: The best part about OEM products is the quality. Since it’s all about the brand, you will get optimum quality. Brands don’t compromise when it comes to quality. As it is the original part, you don’t need to worry about the performance.

3. Warranty or Guarantee: Now this is one of the best points to note when you are buying OEM parts. These OEM parts come with a warranty. So if something goes wrong, simply visit the authorized service center and they will replace it. If we talk about aftermarket parts, the case is different. Here, if something goes wrong, you will need to go to the manufacturer shop and not the local shop where you bought the part from. Further, some parts also come with a guarantee, means they can be replaced if damaged.
As they say, with good comes bad. There are some cons. too, listed below:

1. Expensive: OEM parts are generally expensive if compared to the aftermarket parts. According to the PCI (Property Casualty Insurers Association of America), OEM parts generally cost 60% more if compared to the aftermarket parts. These products come with a huge margin in order to increase dealers’ profit.

2. Buying from Dealers: As OEM parts are safer to buy from the authorized dealers, people do buy them from dealers. And if the dealer doesn’t have that particular part, it would take extra time to repair your car as the dealer would place an order and will repair once the product is available to them. In such cases, you can visit Autoscanit and order any OEM part or products including BMW ICOM Next Scanner.

3. Quality Might Not Be Better (sometimes): Sometimes, aftermarket parts are equally good or even better than the OEM parts. In such cases, you are paying extra money for nothing.

So that’s it. These were the pros. and cons. of buying OEM parts. If you are also looking to buy OEM but stuck with the retailer, you should visit Autoscanit where you can find any OEM parts including BMW Scanner and Mercedes Benz Scanner.


Automotive Diagnostic Scanners

Recently, without a question, the automotive electronic equipment manufacturers have realized that there is a growing customer base for Automotive Diagnostic Scanners, like Mercedes scanners. This is evident from the plenitude of scan tools and code readers made available to the customers through various platforms. Previously, automotive diagnostic scanners were not an integral part of auto repair work. Auto experts, auto mechanics, auto enthusiasts did quite well for their customers with respect to their customers and of course the automobiles themselves.

Earlier vehicles were fitted with on-board engine management computer systems by numerous automobile manufacturers while they were being manufactured. These were the OBD-I, or the 1st generation of On-Board Diagnostics, which were developed during the early1980s. It facilitated the drivers to acquire knowledge about any malfunction in the automobile instantaneously. The equipment of the OBD-I era was expensive and it was not uniform in its mechanism, make an installation across various automobile manufacturers.

Mercedes Scanners during the OBD-I systems comprised of a plethora of cables, plugs, and adapters. In order to retrieve diagnostic information generated by OBD-I systems, these so-called appendages required to be plugged into numerous data connectors installed in cars. These inbuilt data connectors were different according to the year of the manufacturing, model of the car and the manufacturing firm.

Nevertheless, the reason for scanners like Mercedes Scanners is components and systems, notifying the driver about any emission malfunction as well as monitoring the performance of emissions controls.  The generated information by an on-board engine management computer system can only be read by automotive scanners and code readers.


Automotive BMW Diagnostic Scanner

Car diagnostic software helps in keeping our vehicle functioning without any glitch. From 1996, the software is factory installed in cars. The latest technology is called OBD-II, in other words, on-board diagnostic system. OBD-II is extremely helpful for car mechanics, engineers, and auto enthusiasts.

Mercedez Scanner

This diagnostic software is accessed and executed with the aid of an auto scan tool. It is also known as a car code reader or OBD II scanner. Auto scanners such as BMW Scanner helps in determining the issues with the car without it to haul over to the dealership of the repair center. The following components are required to perform the diagnostics reading of the vehicle,

  • A breakdown of codes and acronyms for your vehicle
  • A Laptop
  • A scanner or car code reader
  • Jack cables and a port connector

Car scanner systems are required to be connected to the computer. The software that is accompanied by scanner should be installed in order to receive the reading from the scammer. Subsequently, the readings from the diagnostic tools are displayed by the computer on its screen.

BMW scanner is attached to the port, which is oft located on the dashboard. One simply has to look for a small depression or cavity to locate it. The connector to the port is mostly found towards the driver’s side, under the seat. Still if one encounters some problem, it is strongly recommended that the instruction manual that has all the steps listed by the manufacturer is referred or ultimately one may opt for consulting a professional. The reading of the car diagnostic device will help in discerning the root cause of the problem. The code translation sheet could be referred to translate the meaning of the codes.